How To Read BaZi Chart?

Often I get the question “How To Read Bazi Chart?” or “Bazi reading is very difficult” and so on. I can understand the frustration and disappointment. Since my students have strong encourage me to produce a short video on how to read a Bazi Chart, here you go.

In this short video I will give a simple demonstration how to read a Bazi Chart and same time debunk some common myths in Bazi Astrology.

As I mentioned earlier in our Facebook group, there are many schools of Bazi and each differs in the way they read a Bazi Chart. Each has their own strengths and weakness. Let’s see how we use nature to read a Bazi Chart.

Watch Video on Bazi Chart Analysis

While Bazi Mastery takes as while, basic reading of Bazi charts should not be that difficult if you could master the fundamentals well and have acquired the right knowledge. I hope you are able to learn something from this simple video and this video has given you some new insights and encouragement to further pursue learning the art of Bazi Astrology.

Bazi Reading Tips

Start by understanding your own Bazi Chart. Try reading your Bazi Chart with success first and move on to other family members you know well.

If you are interested to learn more you may visit this page.


Studying The Classics – Strong and Weak

I read with amazement that many masters and advance practitioners trying to study the classics but yet has not been able to understand it. Indeed it is not easy but some are just basic information and yet the confusion.

I think in part many schools offering Bazi courses has themselves not been able to fully comprehend the basics well. As long you are a celeb, students will flock in…

Let’s see some interesting chart and why the classics say they are Weak or Strong.

Chart 1
Chart 1

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