Ian Fleming – The Man Behind James Bond

With SPECTRE unveiled in 2015, one would wonder how is it possible that a movie that lasted more than 50 years and still very much receiving block buster status.

I have to admit, I for one is an avid fan of 007. Right from Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig, I have always enjoyed every one of them.

It makes me wonder how did his creator carve out such an iconic character and story, what’s in his Bazi Astrology Chart that says he is such an creative person?

Let’s try to understand his creator, Mr Ian Fleming. Ian was born on 28 May 1908 midnight according to this site, http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Ian_Fleming.

If I translate into a Bazi Chart, the chart below is what we will get.

So what makes him such a creative author?

BaziConsult_Ian Fleming

Ian is a Gui Water Day Master born in the summer. From this chart you can deduce he has high potential for money as well desire for women. To a Gui man, fire is the wealth element as well as it represents women.

Ian Fleming did not had a good career start since he wasn’t particular good in academic field. He started as a journalist and after a short stint he changed to a banking career but he did not last there. He later moved to a stock broking firm which he did not do well there too. Later by a stroke of luck during the war, he managed to secure a job as a naval intelligence officer when the 2nd World war broke out. This was a very interesting job for him since he had always loved adventures. Perhaps character of his too lead him to his womanizing habit.

Most marriages don’t add two people together. They subtract one from the other.- Ian Fleming

So did he carried this nature of his into James?

After the war he went back into journalism & stayed on it for 14 years before entering retirement. It seems that from here that journalism is what that suits him, only if he had realized it much earlier. Of course, at that time there was no Bazi Consultant in England.

His first novel Casino Royale was already a hit in 1952, when he entered the Luck cycle of Ren Xu 壬戌 in 1951.

Ian’s bazi useful god is the Ren element. Ren Water represents to him, his Wealth Robber and also his creativity. A Gui person is naturally an imaginative person albeit also an creative person.  The Ren adds on the nature of adventure. Thus explaining why he loves adventure.

Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes’, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life. – Ian Fleming

Ren being in his career palace, it is a clear indication of journalism and writing as his forte. This reminds me of the  Bazi of a celebrity Feng Shui Author who has similar formation.

Working towards your strength and forte is gonna be a much fulfilling life to live. Some times it is not the length of journey but rather has the journey been wonderful.

You only live twice. Once when you are born and once when you look death in the face. – Ian Fleming

I hope you have a glimpse on how to read Bazi  or astrology chart.

Bazi is a very good tool to help us plan our life to tap on our strength and work on our weakness if one acquire the correct knowledge.

Hope you enjoy the article –


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