Bazi Analysis: Weak Marriage Luck

I have here a Lady Bazi whose marriage is unstable & a very unhappy one. What is the root cause of this issue ?

BaziConsult Case Study

Will she divorce? 

She will likely have a divorce because of the strong presence of Eating God in her Bazi. (she divorced at age 40)

What caused her this problem in her Bazi? 

There are several causes, first she is a lady who has high expectation from the spouse. She is one that does not give in easily. She has her own strong opinion, this is why ladies is usually best to be a weak day master or at least pretend to be one :p . Deep insider here she is an emotionally complicated.

If she knew is there something she can do about it? Surely Yes!

I cannot stop emphasizing that basic knowledge seems sometimes redundant yet but it is really important. The idea of Bazi reading is not only about predicting, it’s about destiny alteration and improvement. This is the ultimate aim why one learns Bazi. Being able to predict is only to follow your destiny, so what’s the big deal if you know?


5 thoughts on “Bazi Analysis: Weak Marriage Luck”

  1. Hi master Alan, it seems that I have weak marriage luck too since my DO is at hour pillar and the strength is weak due to it being the Gui Si pillar? And my current luck pillar is Xin Chou which may indicate 3rd party involvement which is exacerbated by Friend star at spouse palace. My subsequent luck pillar has RobWealth too. Does it mean I shouldn’t focus on getting into relationships? Between what is the possible marriage year for me ? Thanks 😉
    15-04-1992, 11.30am, Perak,Malaysia

    1. In addition, does the combination between Bing Fire at earthly branch of hour pillar and Xin Metal at spouse palace a good sign in terms of quality of marriage? Thx

    2. If your hour is 11:30am, it should be Jia Wu 甲午 hour and not Gui Si.
      No that is not how you read it. Dont worry about your marriage. You will have a chance to get marry.
      Regards – Alan

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