Superbly Useful God – Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson also known as the rebel billionaire is founder of Virgin group. His success is remarkable for a person with dyslexia.

Couple of facts about him, he started building his business with the magazine “The Student” while attending college. Later he manage to buy and grow a record company and the rest was history. Today this company is known as Virgin Records. Up to his early adulthood it was tough and full of obstacles.

richard branson qoute

“For the very same reason we are happy that we have made a difference to student’s life, from not been able to read to able to read. “

Here is Sir Richard’s BaZi Chart:

Although public information says he was born 7am sharp (辰 hour), I doubt this aRichard Branson Baziccuracy. Thus I would think he must have born a little earlier back in the 卯 Mao hour.

He is Strong Day Master born in the end of Summer. In his chart he has very strong wealth. If he is a weak day master, he would not have been able to amass such amount of wealth.

What is it in his chart that says he will be a Billionaire? Is it really the number of wealth element?

Richard has Dyslexia since very young age. Dyslexia is also known as a reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. This is because they have difficulty processing and remembering information they see and hear.

Where likely are the signs in his BaZi? It’s the Direct Resource weakening the Indirect Officer (庚) in turn dampens it’s ability to control the Friends star in the Yin 寅 Year Pillar. Thus people with dyslexia have a short span of attention to capture and process information.

But because of the presence of a good resource star 癸 Gui, he is intelligent. Now where do you suppose his “Screw it, let’s do it” attitude comes from?

Which element is the Useful God? In BaZi reading it is most important to be able to identify the useful god or gods. You can see that he has many Useful God in his chart and they appears in the Heavenly Stems.

If one is able to correctly identify his useful god then one will know which luck pillar is his best and worst.


His BaZi is amazing in the sense his luck can last for so many cycles.



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