Charles And Camilia Against The Compatibility Theory

Busting the Myth of Relationship Compatibility.

Some years ago when a famous Bazi school in Malaysia published a book about relationship compatibility, I have told my students that some of the theory did not hold when they asked me about it. The consequence of reading the book can lead to a faulty decision in choosing a life partner believing that it is the better partner for life.

The theory  states that a combo between Day Master is good or compatible life partner. For example a Ding lady day master can match with a Ren boyfriend since Ren + Ding relationship is known as 6 combination. In Chinese, it is called Liu He. He, 合 means a fusion or getting together.

Charles and Camilia were lovers. They had knew each other since young, way before Diana came into the picture. However, Queen E was not in favour of their relationship because she was married to a British Army Officer. It was well known. So Camilia was heartbroken. Charles never forgotten her and they renewed their courtship after the demise of Diana in a freak accident.

Today I am not going to dwell into their 3 party relationship as this is more suitable for a class discussion. I prefer to bust some myth for the benefit of the public.

Bazi Relationship Analysis

As you can see from the chart above, Camilia is a Ding Day master while Prince Charles is a Gui day master. In the study of Bazi, Ding – Gui relationship is known as 6 clashes. Clash in Chinese is known as Chong 冲, Chong means a clash or a powerful dash. It gives a feeling of opposition.

If we follow the same logic that combination or He relationship between 2 day masters is a sign of good relationship, then a clash should work in the opposite. Thus they should be incompatible and are at odds.

This is the same questions I frequently get from people. Whether it is a chart of them vs their colleague, boss, boyfriend, girl friend, daughters, son etc. The worst situation is when I get one from divorcee. I think this is a good example to illustrate that this theory does not hold!

Thus the royal love birds was flew against gravity defying a theory that was promoted by the famous Bazi school. The reality don’t lie.

The correct way of understanding destiny is way far from the spot light of fame. Having the correct view of destiny and the art of Bazi Astrology, one will be clear why this theory does not hold.

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