Relationship And Marriage

A courtship ideally ends up in a marriage and hopefully a happy one.

In Malaysia the divorce rate is high and I believe this trend is similar in most developed nations.

“The number of divorces in Malaysia has more than doubled in just eight years from 2004. In 2012, a whopping 56,760 divorces were recorded, which is equivalent to a marriage breaking down every 10 minutes.”

Many who are still together are together for reasons other than affection.

There are many external factors that could affect the relationship but this is, I believe is not the main factor that could cause it. It is usually the internal factors. Internal factors of character as well as Destiny.

Our Destiny is made of largely 2 parts. One is alterable, the other may not be easily changed but if we know in advance, we have the time to make that change. Time is important in life. If we have time, many things can be fixed or altered but however if time available is too short, well it may be too late.

So why couples who started off as love birds in the end got a sad ending to their relationship?

One case that we read during a recent tutorial has evidence that these potential problems can be read from the two persons charts. Both are Bing Day Master born in the same year of Geng Zi!

As you can see, both of their charts have a lot of similarity but largely the elements are placed differently. This is also known as positioning which one learn at the intermediate level. Different position creates different results.

If they have knew about their Bazi then this problem could have been avoided if not minimized.

We can see that how these two person before marriage has many things in common and after marriage how things will start to drift apart.

baziconsult_tutorial rel

Why is this happening? Well, there are a few reasons. One is the time has not arrived because during courting they were lovers only and thus the marriage palace is not active at that time. Once they get married, this palace is activated and with the arrival of the luck cycle, then kaboom, the issues will start!

The million dollar question I know you will ask is, “Can they over come this?” . Of course they can but only if they know about it long ago! Remember that I just mentioned above about TIME!

Thus as a destiny consultant, we have to caution our clients of the potential issues and advice them accordingly. We are not there to intervene with their Destiny as they need to act upon it. A Destiny Consultant is merely a messenger.

Also, this is where learning BaZi can help us plan our life better by informing us the potential problems. Even if we cannot change it at least we are well aware and are emotionally prepared.

Learn the Correct Way of Understanding a Person’s Destiny with Bazi Consult – The Unique Bazi School.


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