Destiny Analysis – The Past and The Present

论命 vs 算命

I was having a discussion with a fellow practitioner on the subject “How to gain the most out of Astrology consulting?” may it be Bazi, Purple Star or even palmistry. The one point he brought was very interesting.

If we stop to think and ask ourselves why will you want to consult a destiny analyst, I believe the ultimate goal is to know how to improve our lives or destiny although I know a big pool of people who just want to know their destiny outcome out of curiosity. Questions like Will they be rich, will they be the next CEO, will they have a good marriage etc at the back of their head while improving destiny is lesser importance in this category of people’s mind.

Then there are the escapist who just cannot accept their destiny and goes on to find a astrologist or destiny consultant who will tell them what they have long to hear. Sadly but these  numbers in this category of people is also quite significant.

Broadly there are 2 major approach to destiny analysis. Let’s discuss them in turn beginning with the current trend.

Today’s trend is called Suan Ming 算命 or Destiny calculation. As the destiny analyst, clients believe you will be able to calculate their past to the very detail without them revealing anything. This is to ensure the destiny consultant is “accurate” or just making a guess. While there are some truths to this, there are also many things that is not possible.

In the past the practice is known as Lun Ming 论命 or dissecting a Destiny or exchanging views on Destiny. The idea is have a sincere and open discussion so the destiny consultant may pin point and find out the answer according to the destiny chart. It is pretty much like visiting a doctor. The doctor will ask some questions, the patient gives some feedback and finally the doctor does a diagnosis and then gives a prescription.

We read the past while clients gives some feedback and thus with the questions in mind, we predict a pattern for the future. With this combined knowledge of the past and present, we are able guide the client to the correct actions to take. Of course taking the actions or not will depend solely on the client.

There are reason where the first logic of Suan Ming is rather illogical and even more so in this modern era. Why do I say so?

Destiny analysis is usually broad based. For example, Eating God can represent many things or Earth element can also represents many things or body parts such as skin, bones, stomach etc. Perhaps he sees a danger sign but how will the actual danger takes place is something not easily predictable. Will the person dies of accidents, sickness, commit suicide, murdered etc.

This reminds me of a case where a famous destiny consultant once analyzed the death of Steve Irvin aka crocodile hunter. He was killed by sting ray on the day of Jia 甲. Just because Jia resembles the shape of a string ray, he said it was predictable. Well I think countless people died on the day of Jia and i think the number killed on this day by a sting ray is really one in a million.

Another interesting case I remember reading was on the death of Princess Diana. She was killed in a freak accident in or near a tunnel and it was a day of Wu 戊. Wu represents big chuck of earth thus one destiny analyst says its predictable she may die under a chunk of earth thus the tunnel represented Wu. While some finds it logical, I do not. The reason is because this is a reverse engineered answer when things have happened. Does this theory holds the truth for every case when a person dies in a day of Wu or even on a day where there are many earth elements?

It is up to individual if they think Suan Ming or Lun Ming is more for them but personally I think Lun Ming is the proper way to a fruitful destiny analysis with the aim of improving matters. Suan Ming is more for saints while Lun Ming is more for human consultants.

Thus I prefer to meet face to face than by email for BaZi consultation. It makes the consultation more meaningful and clients will benefit more from it.

Here at BaziConsult, we teach our students the correct way to decipher a Bazi chart so that one is able to understand one’s destiny and thus make the best out of it by taking appropriate actions to alter the course of our destiny.


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