BaZi Is Personal

Another year has just passed by and we are going to enter the year of the Earth Pig, Ji Hai 己亥 on February 4th, 2019.

Undoubtedly, every one is rushing to get a copy of their yearly horoscope to check out their zodiac signs to see how is their luck going in the Pig Year. I still remember when I was young, that was an yearly affair for me until I learned Bazi and had a good understanding of this art of BaZi 八字 Destiny analysis, I stopped doing so.

In the past, during my younger days, most horoscope would dealt with our year of Birth pillar to do a forecast. For example, if you are born in 1972 Ren Zi Year 壬子, you are said to be born in the year of the Water Rat because Zi is the equivalent of Rat.

The method being used is known as Shen Sha method or 神煞. Every zodiac animal has a set of stars that comes along with the year and have both good or auspicious stars as well as inauspicious stars.

However, fast forward to the millennium, Bazi entertainers now extended their forecast to the Month, Day and Hour pillars. So this is the kind of forecast for the masses. Its easy to talk about it because it is very general.

For instance, the same reading applies to all who has a Snake in their Bazi. However, every one can be different because the Snake can appear in different locations in a Bazi. It may appear in the Year or Month or Day or even Hour of birth. Thus if you are serious about astrology of the coming year, this method is unreliable.

In my opinion, BaZi is a very personalized matter for the following reasons:

  1. Zodiac does not take into account the Day Master.
  2. Zodiac does not take into account the Season of Birth.
  3. Zodiac does not take into account the sex of the Bazi owner.
  4. Zodiac does not take into account the Major Luck 大运 cycle.
  5. Zodiac does not take into account the clashes and combinations and etc.
BaZi of Ji Hai Year

Let’s take this chart as a simple example, It is a Ren Day Master born in the Season of Spring and will be different for a Ren Day Master born in say Winter Season.

The outcome of life will be different even if we just considered this simple 2 factors of Day Master and Seasons.

If this chart is a Male its going to be very different from a Female too…

So how can a Bazi Destiny Chart be general ? In short it is Personal!

I would always advice people to take this type of advice with a pinch of salt. Thus if the horoscope say you will have a bad year, don’t be too worried and if the horoscope says you will have a wonderful year, don’t be too elated as well.

BaZi Analysis is More Accurate

Bazi takes into account your Year, Month,Day and Hour pillars as well all the factors listed above & the dynamics of them interacting with each other give rise to many possibilities and thus it will give a more accurate reading of our destiny.

There are 2 ways of getting to this. One is to engage a consultant to read for you but this is not the most effective way.

The most effective way, from our experience to correct or improve our destiny is to understand our destiny and the most effective way is to learn the basics yourself.

We have the best program to help you achieve it and it’s called Understanding My Destiny Program. Its a 2 days course where you will be taught the necessary basics and fundamentals of Bazi Astrology to allow you to understand your Destiny and followed by a private consultation with our consultants after the class.

It will happen in on Feb 23 & 24, 2019 & for MALAYSIAN above 18 Only.

Take up this program and you will learn to understand why your life is unfolding the way it is now and how to take remedial actions to help solve, improve, alter for the better.Each class is limited to maximum of 6 students all on first come first served basis so Hurry Up!.

This course is Not to train up a Bazi Consultant. It is for those who wants to appreciate their Bazi better without too much technicalities.

If you are interested to know more about this program, contact us via this form and we will speak to you personally as we are closing registration on 18th February .


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