Divorced Rich

The name Jeff Bezos is synonymous with Amazon.com. Just this year of the Earth Dog or Wu Xu the biggest news is about the couple going for a divorce. The couple, Jeff and Mackenzie came a long way, to be exact 25 years of marriage. You can call it a Silver Jubilee.

According to the Forbes.com, I qoute here :

Bezos, worth an estimated $136.2 billion, is the richest person in the world. It is not yet clear how the divorce will impact his net worth, or whether it will affect his stake in Amazon, the e-commerce giant he founded in 1994. 

The couple had an interesting start on how they met and got married.
They were married in 1993, after meeting at D.E. Shaw & Co. Shortly afterward they relocated to Seattle to found Amazon, where MacKenzie Bezos was an early employee.

And the very reason he fell in love with her was once he qouted “All day long I listened to that fabulous laugh,” he told Vogue. “How could you not fall in love with that laugh?”

Why Marriage Fails?

The one thing that attracted him was, Jeff said, he knew from the beginning that he wanted to marry a resourceful person. Can we see a resourceful person from their destiny chart? We shall watch the video later.

Apparently, it was MacKenzie who made the first move and asked Jeff out to lunch. They were engaged within three months and married within six. Amazingly quick I would say, isn’t it?

Is marriage and separation a destined thing or purely a human decision? One of the best tool to decipher a person’s destiny is what we call the 8 Character or Bazi Astrology. Let’s watch the video to see if there were any possibilities revealed in their Bazi Chart.

if after the video case, you believe that life is predestined, then you should know what is not yours, will not be yours, accepting the fact and learning to live in reality will only lead you to a happier life.

Some people are endowed with great life from great wealth, children, good health, happy marriage, good noble people to assist and fame is to some extent a given. Then you have the other extreme where their life is filled with obstacles and petty people or weak health or broken marriage, un-filial children are also to some extent given at birth.

Happiness on the other hand is not predestined, it is a product of our personal decision or personal choice. It comes with understanding, acceptance and clarity of the mind and our own destiny.

Happiness is free and a gift from Heaven. Each and everyone of us has our own destiny path to thread on & thus there is no need to worry how others think about us or do we need to compare ourselves with others. It is solely between us and our destiny.

Learn the real art of Bazi to understand your own destiny and find your own path of least resistance. If we cannot fully change our destiny, at least we can anticipate and with the gift of time, we can at least or perhaps avoid a hard hit.

Jia Zi a.k.a Master Alan


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