USA Presidential Election 2020

Since the last time I have written about Donald Trump perhaps the time has come again for the Americans to choose their new president this year.

Donald Trump lost the lower house to the Democrats in 2018 as predicted in my last article, which then lead to the attempt to impeach him form office. However it failed as the senate is controlled by his party the Republicans. This quite an obvious and expected outcome. Come 2020 in the midst of the Corona virus (Code name: Covid-19) and now American deaths tops the world chart surpassing 200,000 deaths. Can this shift the balance of power away from him? Will this election result change the course of direction of the virus on America?

Can Trump’s 2016 rhetoric of “Making America Great Again” slogan work the second time now that unemployment is at it’s highest as well as the bear down of the Dow, losing technology edge (5G) to a once a very poor nation like China convince Americans that this is the way forward? Of course he tries very hard to shift the focus but will it work again? Can he win his 2nd term ? What can astrology provide the hint?

Facing him this round is likely to be Joe Biden the former Vice President after Bernie Sanders has decided not to pursue further his candidacy. What can Joe bring to the table for the ordinary Joe as well as corporate America? What is the ground sentiments? Can Joe Biden (Democrats) de throne Donald Trump?

It will be an extensive exercise here but I will try to keep it simple and see what both of their astrology charts have to say about their winning chances. It will be great feat since my last few predictions came out correctly on the Sarawak State election, YingLuck, Malaysian GE 14 election results and Donald Trump’s chances in 2018. Will I get it right this time again?

Joe entered the current luck of Earth Goat 己未 in 2017. Major luck is a strong influence to a person’s destiny since it last 10 years.

The presidential election will be held this year 2020 in the year of the Metal Rat 庚子 on November 3 which is still the 丙戌 Fire Dog month. Thus the year of Metal Rat is significant to their chances of winning.

Technical BaZi

Joe is a Ding 丁 Fire and his current luck is of very strong in Earth element. Earth element is known as the Actions and perhaps this is his desire to step up this round. Actions makes this person generate strong Wealth element (metal element) but of course wealth element to a Presidential candidate is not much of a use as it seems. However, any election campaigns needs a lot of money and this could be a plus point for Joe, getting strong contributions.

His real power will come from the Stamp element which is the Jia 甲 Wood and this is considered the Useful God and it is favourable for a Ding 丁 Fire person. Since we stand by Hour as the career palace, we would read that he is getting a favourable help by having this element there. Wood energy is also very strong in this chart.

Furthermore, the Goat 未 is the storage of wood energy thus further enhancing his authority coming from his Major Luck. This Goat clashes into the Ox in his Day branch. Coincidentally, Donald has an Ox 丑 coming from the Luck clashing into the Goat 未 in the Day branch.

Seems that the casting would be done on the 3rd November 2020. November belongs to the month of the Fire Dog 丙戌. This month also favours Joe as there even though it is a clash between the Dog 戌 and the Dragon 辰 in his hour pillar. This clash will strengthen both the fire wood energy in the chart much needed by Joe. Earth energy is the Parallel or more specifically the Rob Wealth 劫财 of Donald Trump.

Metal Rat 庚 子 Year

This year brings a clash between Geng 庚 and Jia 甲 in both Joe and Donald’s chart. Would this clash be favourable or unfavourable and to who?. Donald has his Jia, the Officer 官 in the Month Pillar while Joe has Jia, the Stamp 印 (Resource to some people) in the Hour Pillar. This is an important clash that favours more to one person.

The Rat 子 at the branch also clashed Joe’s Horse 午 in the Year branch while Donald’s had his Horse 午 clashed in the Month branch. What would this clash bring to the table?

To make matters more complicated, Donald have a 6 combine between 子 Zi and Chou 丑. So never mind the technical analysis for now especially to beginners in BaZi. Head spinning now right?

Vice President Candidancy

Their VP candidate too can play a role in their chances of winning. Joe picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. I will not go into this since it will be too wide a topic to cover.


From their astrology charts, having considered the entire charts of the 2 person, it seems Joe Biden does has a small advantage over Donald Trump this year to be the next President of the United States. Will there be sudden external shocks that will turn the tables for Joe Biden since we know Donald has Feng Shui advantage. Only time will tell and HE only knows.

Who ever wins, we sincerely hope he will step on the battle against Covid 19 as well providing strong leadership towards creating a more stable world economy for the benefit of all. Of course lets be reminded this analysis is centered on this election result. Winning this election may prove a tough road ahead for the winner.

At the same time around I don’t see many Bazi gurus commenting or predicting on this event. Maybe its a safer thing to do to save their marketing dollars? Perhaps they believed that man can do anything to be successful without the impact of Destiny? I am not saying human effort do not count but rather I see the role of Destiny in our lives too. With this trend, the future fate of the art of BaZi will become stifled and turned into a motivational tool instead of a destiny guiding tool as our ancient forefathers had meant it to be.

Disclaimer: The hour of birth is from Internet sources and not a direct verification from the person concerned here.


2 thoughts on “USA Presidential Election 2020”

  1. Came here to say that you are right about the elections.
    I’ve been following a bazi practitioner’s blog for quite some time and it’s disappointing to see that he only posted about Joe Biden’s win after he has won (and then he backdated his article to pre-election result).
    Keep doing the good work!

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