Shakira – Out Of Your League

Water Tiger is quite a year for the Diva from South America. She had a divorce from her long married husband (well over 10 years) since the husband was involved with another young women.

She then wrote a song to mock the adulterated couples when she sung the song Out Of Your League. It instantly gathered 63 million views in just span of 24 hours. Although it happened in January of 2023, in terms of Chinese Astrology system, the year is still Water Tiger Year.

As a teacher and practitioner in BaZi Astrology, I try to peep into her Bazi Chart and see what we can get out from her chart this event.

Shakira is Geng 庚 person and had Ding 丁 in the luck, 2022 the Ren 壬 came. This Ren can bring in a lot of money luck. Thus why she can expect Youtube will pay her for such high viewing rate.

Furthermore, Yin 寅 the Tiger is of wood element, this is another indicator of good money / career luck.

What about her divorce, well the Ding fire is a representation of the husband Gerard Pique, Water puts out the Fire making the fire energy to douse out. when the flame dies, smoke comes and smoke gets into her eyes. Remember The Platters?

Here is her Bazi:

For those of you who subscribe to HARMs between Snake and Tiger, who do you tell about her success in her career.?

Gerard Chart shows the coming of Snake since 2017, thus Snake 巳 can represent a girlfriend. With the year of Tiger (Yin 寅) that brings the girlfriend god into his Bazi. This is because when the Luck and Year brings in the girlfriend luck, the presence or influence of this new partner will be strong. In the same time, his wife, Shakira has signs of divorce, it makes sense that this event likeliness to happen will be high.

However, it is worth noting that the spouse remains in tact yet there is a call for divorce. Why? For this you need to understand the strength of the Spouse Palace.

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