How To Prepare For Your Life

This is a real story that began back in 2019 about a student of mine.

Back in 2019 we were discussing his Bazi that on top of being in an un-favourable luck cycle 2021 is going to be another impactful year, that is on the negative side.

Very often people like to know their zodiac sign to know their upcoming luck but unfortunately Zodiac readings are for entertainment purposes only and not accurate enough to give meaningful diagnosis. Bazi on the other hand takes into account YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, LUCK Cycle into consideration. This renders more details.

Metal Ox is going to give him mostly on health issues and stress challenges. The Ox clashing also means money leakages and potential problems with superior / law.

I have him a few recommendations to help him improve his luck. These methods is known as Feng Shui method. Feng Shui1 is the best tool to help us when we are in bad luck. I have many examples but lets talk about this one now.

Come February 3rd 2021, the problems started slowly and till Jan 2022. What we have predicted in the discussion was proven to be true to the month. Indeed, Jan 2022 was quite a month since it was a Fu Yin month.

Xin Chou 辛丑

Over the months the problems ranged from career to health, wealth leaks and sometimes people problems. Money seems to find a way to leave his hands and things seem to breakdown often during this year.

Did Feng Shui Help?

However, he noticed that many of his other issues such has health have improved after the Feng Shui solution. While there were wealth leakages, it was compensated by new opportunities from other areas in Career that lead to better income.

Relationship issues also has reduced a lot this year after the Feng Shui implementation. It got somehow smoothed out.

For example, in Jan 2022 which is also a Xin Chou 辛丑 month, got some problems from a superior from another department.

Some problems came out of no where like being back stabbed or situation like loss of sales due to error from other department that was beyond his control. The good news he shared with me was that it some how the problems managed to resolve the problems by it self or by some human intervention on his side.

Human Effort

Of course being cautious too help reduced the quantum of the problems especially in certain months. This is his advantage since he knows Bazi2, thus he was able to anticipate the months that will be good or bad and roughly what kind of problems that will come along. This is how we can use our own knowledge and effort to help advert some problems.

In a gist, he felt he ended this Ox year pretty satisfied. By 4 February 2022, we will switch to the Water Tiger 壬寅 Year and with new year comes new energy. This will be the year for him.

Lunar New Year starts on 1st February 2022.

This is the true story of my student. No date selection was used on a weekly basis, just pure hard core Bazi2 knowledge and Feng Shui1 solutions. Accurate anticipation coupled with correct solutions is the only way to help ourselves. This is particularly true for those of us who do not have a superior destiny or Bazi.


1- There are many schools & practitioners of Feng Shui so unless you find the correct one, it may worsen the situation.

2- Bazi here is the Nature’s Way of Bazi.


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