Russia – Ukraine War

A very unfortunate war that started in the February of Water Tiger (2022) year. Both are the victims of Western manipulation. Ukraine unfortunately became the sacrificial pond in this game. NATO stands true to it’s acronym, No Action, Talk Only. All they do is just send weapons and let the ponds of Ukraine to kill the Russians while they impose sanctions to incapacitate Russia.

The world needs stability as we are recovering from 2 years of pandemic. This war has send oil prices in the world rocketing sky high. If this is prolonged, I believe many countries will fall into stagflation.

Al Jazeera News.

However, I believe this year, Malaysia will be able to avoid stagflation since the stars are on our side.

Let’s take a look a Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President who rose from a comedian/actor to be a president.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ding 丁 fire person has ability to built fans and hence why he can attract popular support very quickly. From his Bazi, his decision making isn’t that great but he is a skillful person thus why he does well as an actor and comedian.

His Bazi shows he has good love for power but it is something is bad for him since he is not that smart and weak in strategy. He just got lucky to be elected president in 2019, the year of Ji Hai 己亥 during the luck of Ji You 己酉. The strong metal promoted the Officer in his chart but this will end soon when he change Luck in 2024. This strong metal will allow him to a mass a lot of money too together with the help of his friends.

2022 his officer Ren 壬 come accompanied by the Proper Stamp Yin 寅, helped him gain sympathy and getting foreign help. Again this year luck is on his side. If Putin were to win this war, he has to capture Kiev or reach a peaceful settlement in the Gui Mao 癸卯 month.

Zelensky is also a stubborn person and he won’t admit defeat easily. Thus to reach a peaceful settlement is, in my opinion a less likely option for now.

His case reminded me of a local celebrity Bazi Youtuber, that his good luck will end this year. He has a similar formation this luck with Zelensky. His job became more unstable in a career change and he then he joined a local Bazi con-sulting company. This sort of ended his stable income. Well we can revisit this subject sometime next year. The main difference is that his Bazi chart is weak. It is not what you think you can achieve without heaven’s blessings. That is only when you are in wonderland.

Vladimir Putin

Putin is a Bing fire and born in autumn, this is a Bazi of a rich man, coupled with Ren 壬 and Chen 辰 he is a very forceful person by nature. His Bazi shows he is a smarter person and more a skillful person that knows how to play the game better than Zelenskyy.

This luck of Bing Chen 丙辰 is good for him but he is soon changing his luck to Ding Si 丁巳 somewhere near October this year and this maybe disruptive to him. Thus Putin needs a quick winning war or reach a peaceful settlement early to secure Russia’s security concerns, else he will likely dealt with a betrayal from an ally which will put him in a rocky situation.

If you compare two Bazi charts, surely Putin has the edge but when we speak of luck, then Zelensky has a slight advantage this year thus he will not lose easily without giving a good fight. The ultimate losers are the people of the two countries and other smaller economies. The biggest gainer will be US and NATO. This will tilt the balance of power. It is not all lost because Biden is also not in a good luck.



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