We received a mail from a no name person with an email named Blindmaster. Obviously, this person is shy to reveal his true identity. In old China, when fighters go into a duel, they always introduce their true name, teacher’s name and their lineage because name is their honour. Nowadays people prefer to be anonymous. Below is what was written:

According to the Mang Pai school, the intention of this birth chart is to control wealth and he is probably destined to be a businessman, if I am not wrong. However, this person seems to have never dreamt of being a businessman and instead wants to be some sort of sage-like politician or some kind of military leader. How can I know whether this person is lying? Or is the problem something else? Bazi Consult seems to have solved a number of irregularities like this one. Can we have a discussion about this chart?

In the first place how can we have a discussion when we don’t even know your name ? Nonetheless, we can take this opportunity to share a little how Nature’s way look at this Bazi.

Misconception One

Just because this chart has much Water element, some times it is easily confused as Wealth Profile Bazi Chart. This is especially when the chart is considered to a Strong Day Master Chart by most Bazi schools, not limited to Mang Pai.

Misconception Two

If you look at this chart, you will know this chart belongs to a person with a strong personality and likes to control people and to some extent considered a possessive person. The person did not lie but rather he could not understand his own chart since there seems a disparity between theory and reality.

I call this disparity between theory and reality the GAP. Gap is very common phenomena among Bazi students nowadays because it reflects the sad reality. Whatever knowledge they have learned is inadequate or even untrue. It applies to some but many other cases it seems to fail them.

There are many people learning and selling courses by re-packaging from what they have learned before so its the same fish from yesterday but today they added a new sauce on the fish and resell to the people at a cheaper price than their teachers.

In modern marketing, it is about packaging because people today are superficial and fail to see beyond the wrapping paper. This is the second misconception, the famous has good skills or knowledgeable. Who gets to go for a super holiday flying around the world with all the luxury ? The famous! The rest remains like anchovies swimming around hoping to find their promise break through in life.

What is the point of learning destiny if you still don’t understand destiny ? Re Examine your journey ! You have taken the wrong turn my friend ! Back to the chart…

An Earth person with strong Earth and Fire only tells us this personality being easily fall into emotional state especially when stressed up, impatient, sensitive, strong self justification (philosophical) and even possessive. Of course he has his strength of being a strategist, smart, and person of some grit. If not well guided this person will turn cunning and manipulative. Fortunately, I believe this is less likely the case.

Will this person be successful being a politician or military leader ? What kind of leader will he be ? Will he be remembered for the good or bad deeds ? Better that I do not give free reading by divulging more. It is not the person being manipulative but rather Blindmaster who cannot accept the inaccurate reading.

It’s not correct for them to pay someone else to learn while I have to tie up the pieces for them for free. Baziconsult is not a charitable organisation. It is a learning center for true Bazi knowledge seekers.



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