BaZi And Period 9

Recently a fan asked me about the correlation between Bazi and Period 9 and why it is hotly promoted while I don’t seem to be talking about it.

Well, to begin with Bazi has nothing to do with Period 9. Period – is a concept from San Yuan system of Feng Shui and has nothing to do with Bazi because Bazi is an Astrology subject.

The only reason it is tied probably due to marketing reason to create some hype and later turned into seminars or courses for sale. I don’t do this because we believe this subject should be learned properly as a core subject starting from the basic theories right up to more advance theories. If you learn haphazardly, then your life will also be haphazard, which is probably by now is!

Bazi should not deviate from its origin purpose which is to guide and help us improve our lives. It is not for superstitious purposes.

Here you can read how Period 9 has been mis-interpreted from two of my Feng Shui Blog:

Even within the same subject of Feng Shui, it has been misinterpreted what more when crossing field ? It just gets worse.

If you feel like, how can I better use Bazi to win in Period 9 then I think you have missed the entire learning. You should win in any Period, why wait for Period 9?

If you think that Period 9 and as a women, it is your “Period” then I must say you have been suckered. Why? There were so many women who are already winning in Period of 8, so what are you waiting for? Read the links above again.

Purpose of BaZi

The sole purpose of BaZi is to help us understand ourselves better so that we can win more often, improve ourselves faster and live a smoother life within the boundary of our Destiny. You can win anytime so why wait for Period 9 to come? Be ready, equip yourself with the right knowledge and start to win tomorrow.

Here is an example how I have helped my client understand her destiny and helped her improved from her current problems although I am not advocating any particular method.

Understand your BaZi capacity and Useful God, life can be better.

Put it in simple terms, BaZi is the static part while its dynamic counterpart is the Luck Cycle. However, Luck Cycle is not related to the Period time changes as in like Period 9. Period 9 is exclusive to San Yuan system of Feng Shui specifically Flying Star system.

Once you acquire the wrong knowledge or a misguided line of thought, your life will also sway sideways then you are moving further away from your goals.


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