“Out Shined” Fire – Tony Blair

Born 6 May 1953, 6:10am in the United Kingdom, never did he or his parents would know that he one day will be the Prime Minister of UK for 2 terms. Was the story told on his day of birth? This is where BaZi Astrology triumph.

BaZi basically means the 8 Characters in Chinese which actually translate our Date & Time of Birth into Chinese Calendar format and from there we can read our Destiny but it is the Luck Cycle that we determine when it will happen.

Ten Thousand Year Calendar

The Season or Jie was changed itself on the 6 May but at 3:53am which is why it makes it Ding Si 丁巳 Month.

However, some software would have had him born in the month of Bing Chen or the Fire Dragon. The error happens because software uses mathematical algorithm to calculate. So depending on the algorithm used by the developer, in situation where it’s near the transition month, these errors are likely to happen.

Wrong BaZi Month.

As for me I still like to use the old fashioned 10 thousand year calendar. Did your school teach you how to use it to plot your Bazi Chart Or just ask you to purchase the software ? Never underestimate this knowledge.

Morning Ding Day Master

There are conflicting theories in BaZi. Some say a Ding 丁 Day Master should be born at night to be useful but Tony was born at 6:10 am in Summer which makes the sky already bright. Can this Day master be qualified for this rule?

It was in the luck of Ren Zi 壬子 (40 age) and Xin Hai 辛亥 (50 age) that he got his premiership as the Prime Minister of UK. How did it happen? Ding DM born in the season of Summer is very hot and what’s more with 3 Snake 巳?

If the law did not limit the term to two, would he had continued into his 3rd term as PM?

Thus what can we conclude from this article?

Learn the Nature’s way of BaZi here at Baziconsult.com



1 thought on ““Out Shined” Fire – Tony Blair”

  1. The “useful gods” for Tony Blair are 甲 and 庚, but they aren’t present in the heavenly stems nor earthly branches. Then how is Blair so successful? Or am I wrong somewhere?

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