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BaZi Foundation July 26-28, KL more details here….

What our graduates say:

I chance upon Master Alan’s website on the internet while looking for a Bazi class to enrol. I have been to numerous workshops and bought many books on the subject as I have always been interested in how the ancients could decipher one’s luck so accurately. Suffice to say that these books and workshops that I have been to previously do not provide a strong platform for a beginner such as me who does not read and write Chinese to build upon learning the basics. Apart from that, more questions than answers arose when I progress through my initial studies and my mind just went blank when presented with a Bazi chart to review. It is when I have decided that I need to take up a Bazi Class which is pragmatic in its approach and where the pace is suited for beginning enthusiasts like me and suffice to say, I have no regrets enrolling in Master Alan’s class as upon finishing the class, I have successfully reached my objective of being able to read Bazi charts on a basic level and more, I have gained a strong foundation to build upon, Master Alan’s teaching method is unique to his school which is very practical with the sole purpose of arming the beginner with strong fundamental knowledge and how to apply it in a practical manner. Moreover, Master Alan understands how hard it is for a beginner to grasp certain complicated concepts and was very patient in explaining and showing me numerous case studies to practice upon and comprehend. I can’t wait for the Intermediate Class where I believe that I will be thoroughly guided in good hands deeper into understanding the mysteries of Bazi. Thank you SIfu! – Chan

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