Motivation or Destiny

There has been a hot debate and apparently two struggles in the current BaZi market and that is between the traditionalist and contemporary practitioners. Of course over the years of effort, I am happy to note that the Traditional school has once been given more attention.

I attribute this to a few reasons. Many of my clients actually became my students over time. I think this is one of the strongest testimony of the ability of the Traditional school in particular this Nature’s Way of BaZi, how it has helped them over the years. They usually consult me more than one chart so it is not a fluke shot thing but rather there is repeatability of the result.

This is what the old saying of Actions speaks louder than Words! Need no marketing, they join the classes because they have seen it with their eyes. Same goes for our Feng Shui classes.

A Hope

Second reason, I believed is because the contemporary school leans too much into motivation. It is good to give people hope and I support that but what people need is more than just hope. They need the truth!

Sometimes contemporary falsely blinded themselves. This is the joke of the modern Bazi. Some masters have good Bazi but because he/she is not well versed in traditional Bazi, this made them believed they have bad Bazi but somehow in reality, they are successful. How do even you reconcile this? Motivation or learned new skills!

Thus out of this they conclude that traditional way of Bazi reading is out, with proper motivation and learned skills anyone can succeed big time. If you are reading this and you have joined some of these BaZi schools, ask yourself honestly, how many of those around you or perhaps yourself have changed tremendously over the years?

If what they think is correct, then why do I want to learn BaZi? Just hire a business or success coach and make me successful. Why spend time and money into BaZi then in the end I would still have to motivate myself and acquire some new skills in HOPE of being successful?

What Is The Truth?

Let me explain this using a chart of a motivation guru. People think that motivation guru or success coach are successful only because of the motivation and skills they have acquired. They all have a story to tell you was that life was bad before they became successful. I am not saying they lied but rather it was Heaven’s designed path that this life story was born and truly unique to each individual.

His maiden book was written and published in 1988. It has sold 7 million copies and been published in 42 languages

He had his rough start in life. He had no money and even when a friend want to give him his old car for free, he had to think twice. He sent in many manuscripts to many publishers and all got rejected. This happened before he became a success.

Lucky Strike

His lucky strike came eventually in 1988 when he got his first motivation book published and ever since then it has been a success and millions of copies we sold and eventually even got translated into many other languages.

He has now earned his millions and made a name in the world! What a Success !

In BaZi Language

It seems that the success was only about motivation and learning a skill. In Nature’s way of BaZi, you know this BaZi is pretty good, it was just a matter of luck because when the luck of Ding Wei 丁未 arrived, the Useful God has come into the scene. The arrival of Useful God signals signs of success and all you need is just a little hard work and it will come. It’s sort of like giving birth, just that little more PUSH is all you need to be successful. Do you also see the Wealth god coming during this Luck cycle?

You know very well that there are many hard working people around you but they aren’t successful. It proves one point, that life is not about only hard work!

The Geng 庚 Day Master was born in end of Autumn surrounded by heavy metal and earth elements. What are the needed elements in this chart? How to determine the Useful God? If you can find out the Useful God you will know why this BaZi is a pretty good BaZi.

Major Luck Cycle

Before the arrival of Ding Wei 丁未 luck, he was in Wu Shen 戊申 Luck till age 26. Wu Shen represents obstacles because what ever he does is dealt with obstacles. People just cant seems to find his work interesting or have any potential. Furthermore, Shen 申 brings in the competition thus life will hard especially when it comes to money or career.

Ding Wei changed all that simply because Ding his useful came in and fire is one of his favourable element that represents the Officer 官 . A favourable Officer brings in fame and recognition as the authority of the field.

Tomb Clashing

In 1988 the year of Wu Chen 戊辰, Chen clashed with Xu and this is known as tomb clashing. Tomb clashing is one of the most difficult to read in BaZi and I have witnessed many masters having problem interpreting them. Nonetheless, the tomb clashing is favourable for this author and this kicked started his wonderful career as an author, motivation guru and a success coach.

Motivation or Destiny ?

What seemed a success that came from purely learning a new skills, grit, motivation, positive thinking and hard work was after all written in the BaZi, it is a matter of if YOU know how to read BaZi correctly!

Now don’t get me wrong by thinking I don’t believe in grit, positive thinking, motivation etc. but rather my point is; what is the truth? If you understand the truth, it will bring you into a different dimension and move you into the Correct and a more fulfilling direction instead of a merry go around trip in life.

Success is product of Destiny with the right effort or skills.

A winning Rooster don’t dream to be an Eagle while a destined Eagle don’t need to behave like a Rooster.

– are you born to be an Eagle or Chicken ?

while the tug of war continues…..

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