Authority and Wealth in Bazi

Emperor Qian Long is the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty but the fourth to rule China, lived till an old age of 88 years. At the age of 60 he passed on the throne to his son, Emperor JiaQing.

Below is the Bazi of Qian Long:

Bazi Consult_Emperor

How to tell if this is a Bazi with Authority & Wealth ?

You will see that in his Bazi there are many clashes, You-Mao & Zi-Wu clash. Does it mean clashes are always bad in Bazi? I think outside knowledge has spread so much about clashes that it always brings the idea that this is going to be end of the world. So you see this is a good example of a flaw in Bazi knowledge.

From this chart, would you think that his younger days will be better or later days better in the sense of achievements? When he is young will he be struggling with keeping in power and accumulating experience while at older age he should be wiser due to experience? BaZi should be able to provide this hint.

Alan – 甲


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