Marry The Man

Many skeptics of astrology often asked the question, Is our life path defined at birth?


Can a Bazi tell if one will marry a older guy?. Sally Yeh 葉蒨文 and George Lam are 14 years apart and it is Sally’s first marriage. In a TV interview one can see that she is a down to earth type when it comes to marriage. She is traditional when it comes to picking a life partner.

George Lam and Sally Yeh marriage

There are many ways to access one’s BaZi and the more common one is the 10 Gods and Palace. There are of course the other dimensions to it. The present of Yin (寅) does tell us that she has down to earth point of view when it comes to marriage matters.

Sally Yeh Bazi
Sally Yeh Bazi Natal Chart

They got married on 17 July 1996 when Sally was 35 of age. She was in her 辛丑 (1993-2002)major luck cycle while 1996 was the year of Fire Rat or 丙子. During this period her Officer luck is strong. This is because to a Female, the Officer represents the Husband. When the Officer luck is strong, a marriage is highly possible.

Note: Officer is the element that controls the Day Master and in Sally’s case is the Water element.

The interesting points in her BaZi Natal Chart about her marriage is that,

  1. She married a man much more senior in age.
  2. She married at a late age. (different culture may define ‘late’ differently)

Coincident or not, this is shown in her Bazi Chart!

~ Sometimes is it all true that one’s life path was somehow mapped out at birth! ~

She said that she consulted a destiny analyst. The destiny analyst told her that if she does not marry by 38, it will be very difficult after this age to get marry. How true it is when her next major luck is 壬寅 Water Tiger? I would think this period is also a good window should she not get married by 35.

How to see that in a BaZi? We shall tackle this issue in the Intermediate 1 class!.




1 thought on “Marry The Man”

  1. Does the Gui Water her DO which is rooted at Year Heaven Hidden Stem Pillar the one that indicate she married a man much more senior in age?
    Does the Jia Wood her Indirect Resource which is at hour stem the one that indicate she married at a late age? Or is it because of Jia Yin sit in day branch?

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