This is a 2 hour seminar designed with 1 sole purpose in mind. 

To help those who still cannot read Bazi be able to read with correctly. Wonder why after attending courses and you are not able to read bazi correct consistently? Very simple reason, you have not got the right method of reading Bazi. At BaziConsult/Destiny Empire, we focus on the practicality by ensuring our students are able to read Bazi with ease and not loads of theories.

Our students after attending our Module 2 are able to read bazi with ease thanks to Master Benson’s unique and correct way of reading Bazi.

Don’t believe? Come talk to us.

Come open a whole new world of Bazi with Us!


Here are some of the list of topics we will be covering:

  • What is a Structure of Bazi Chart & how it can really relate to reading a Bazi?
  • The Clash, Combine and what do they actually mean?
  • Noble elements – The Correct Way on Understanding Bazi.
  • What is Really Strong and Weak in Bazi Reading. 
  • The Palaces and what do they indicate in your bazi chart.

Handouts shall be given to each participants for taking notes and exercises.

Fees:  Free but pre registration is required.

Date:  12 Jan 2012

Time:  10.00 am – 12.00 noon

Venue:  Subang Square, Kuala Lumpur.


To Register please fill up this form and we shall contact you.


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