Yi Day Master (Yin Wood – Flower Character)

Yi Day Master (Yin Wood)

To understand Yi (Yin Wood) is to understand Flower character.  Yi (Yin Wood) are soft wood in nature.  Like a small plant growing softly and gently and emerging as a beautiful and gorgeous flower, Yi people are mild and expressive.  They like to seek improvement and development in one’s own environment.

As in a small plant or flower, Yi day master reacts and responds sensitively to small changes of conditions.  From here, we can see that Yi people are quick-witted and are able to adapt quickly to any change in circumstances which is the opposite of Jia day master which is hard wood in nature.

Like a little flower, they may appear weak but can still grow well in a harsh environment.  In a typhoon, the small plants will sway and move in the direction of the wind.  Hence, Yi day master will not wither easily even though trodden as long as their roots are still intact.  As a result, we can say that Yi people are not only very flexible and adaptable, but they are also very realistic and will always ‘find’ their way in life, i.e. they are survivalist in nature.

Shortcomings are that they are very dependent on others.  They can be fickle, change mind quickly and do not stick to one course of action.  They can be swayed by temptations and may be deceived or misled by others easily.

As in a small flower, Yi people require Sunlight (Bing-Yang Fire) to bloom, and they also like Water (Gui-Yin Water), such as dew and rain where water is most gentle.  If there is no Sun and Dew, then they will twirl on Trees (Jia-Yang Wood) to reach out for the Sun so that they can bloom and earn our attention.

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3 thoughts on “Yi Day Master (Yin Wood – Flower Character)”

  1. Hello I write to you because I need advice, my daughter is Bianca, born on August 20, 2003. 3:15 a.m, in Manila Philippines. She is a yi yin wood dm. Can you help me decipher her bazi? I would like to know if she will be lucky in the future. Some says she will because she is smart kid, charming and talented. Does her luck pillar and chart denotes wealth? I would like to know more, so we can get ready for the future. Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,
    Juliet Bianes

    1. Hi Juliet,
      Thanks for your interest. You may check by plotting in the bazi via http://bazi.destinyempire.com/web-bazi/
      then you can check for noble elements.
      If it is not in the Bazi do not worry as it will come in the luck period.
      Yi Day Masters has 3 noble elements namely Bing, Gui and Jia.
      Though this is elementary knowledge but suffice to say you can have judgement of the quality of the bazi.


      1. hello, thanks for the reply. One more thing I would like to ask, is she a weak or strong dm? than you again.

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